Exoto 1961 Ferrari 156 ‘Sharknose’ 1:18 GPC97204B

1961 Italian Grand Prix, Monza


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Exoto 1961 Ferrari 156 ‘Sharknose’ 1:18 GPC97204B Wolfgang Von Trips 1961 Italian Grand Prix, Monza

This is a brand new Limited Edition of the Ferrari 156 ‘Sharknose’ as driven by the German driver Wolfgang Von Trips in the 1961 Italian Prix at the famous banked track at Monza. This tragically was Wolfgang’s last Grand Prix as he was killed after loosing control of his Ferrari on the sceond lap, killing himself and 15 spectators. This was to be the last time the full 10km Monza curcuit was ever used for a Grand Prix.

So many racing drivers lost their lives in this era, doing what they loved in spite of the risks, resulting in some fabulous races between charismatic gentlemen who regarded each other as friends.

This is a brand new, Limited Edition, with quite incredible levels of detail, superb quality materials and the ultimate 1:18 diecast model available anywhere in the world.

This model is totally new model, never opened or assembled.

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