CMC M172 1:18 Maserati 300S Diorama

Limited Edition with display case and figures.


Product Description

CMC 1:18 Maserati 300S Diorama Limited Edition, with display case and figures.

CMC has crafted a 1:18 scale authentic replica of a 1956 300S original. This original vehicle holds a very special place in the 300S history, because it is the only 300S that integrates a number of features and components rarely seen in the other 300S units.
This rare package includes a ‘Dirty Hero’ or race finish version  of the 300S, two figures, representing a driver and a mechanic, and a spare engine with all aggregates, pipes and cabling supplementing this beautiful diorama. The miniaturized version of the trophy “model car of the year 2013” from the maga-zine “MODELL Fahrzeug” additionally pays tribute to this amazing model car. The model sits in a specific to this package display case.

The model has genuine leather seats and co-pilot cover, two opening door and removable bonnet and boot revealing the stunning attention to detail on the engine and special addition headlamps, exhausts and tyres to the standard model.

New model with original packaging and box.

Stunning detailing in this superb quality model. Limited edition of 770 worldwide.

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