BBR Ferrari 330 P3 1:18 scale

Le Mans 1966 #21


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BBR Ferrari 330P3 1:18 scale #21, Le Mans 1966. A brand new release, Limited Edition of only 250 models worldwide (already sold out with BBR).

This is a 1:18 scale model of the Iconic Ferrari 330 P3, driven by Guichet and Bandini.

Featured in this years stunning film Ford v Ferrari/ Le Mans ’66, recapturing the amazing story or Ford trying to buy Ferrari, being shunned by Enzo Ferrari and then going on to build the GT40 to take on Ferrari at Le Mans.
An evolution of the 330 P2, the P3 featured a new tubular chassis with a fibreglass tub: the engine and gearbox were an integral part of the structure, enhancing its rigidity. Compared to the unit used on the P2, the V12 engine was almost 30 kg thanks to redesigned cylinder heads, and a new Lucas injection system in place of the usual battery of Weber
Le Mans 1966 was a battle of the titans. Ford entered no less than eight of the seven-liter GT40 MK IIs. For the first time, three P3s were to be run, two of which were officially NART entries, but for all intents and purposes they were managed by SEFAC Ferrari, the factory team. In the race, Maranello’s squad of P3s paled with the industrial might of Detroit’s eight seven-liter Fords, as did their four-liter engines, nearly half as big.
this version replicates the chassis NO.0844 car, raced by Guichet / Bandini team

The model is a ‘kerbside’ model, a highly accurate recreation of this stunning car. The model sits on a black plinth with grid markings and a plaque detailing the model and presentation box.


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